Blueberry Apricot Gâteau


Laughing Daughters is dedicated gluten free Bakery located on beautiful Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. All our baking is made by hand and prepared fresh using carefully selected organic, whole grain gluten free flours. Our love for quality and outstanding taste demands the best and finest ingredients. We blend all our own flour mixes. All our recipes are made from well-proven recipes and combined with our passion to bringing you nutritious and delicious food.

With the rise in popularity of eating gluten free, cross contamination is increasingly problematic. Many restaurants are jumping to the demand offering “gluten free” products without fully understanding how cross contamination is occurring and the consequences to those of us living with food intolerances such as Celiac disease is severe. In our dedicated gluten free kitchen, Laughing Daughters are committed to making safe gluten free foods accessible and delicious. Our customers have come to know and trust that Laughing Daughter’s “make gluten free worry free”.

Our Story

In 2008 Baker Mhairi Beadle, out of personal necessity,  founded Laughing Daughter’s Gluten Free Bakery due to her three daughter’s and her own struggle with Celiac Disease. Mhairi was determined to provide both nutritious and delicious gluten free foods.

Judy Drzymala, Owner and Baker, joined Laughing Daughter’s in July 2014. Judy’s journey living with Celiac Disease began 30 years ago. Her commitment to bringing nutritiously rich and scrumptious gluten free food strengthened when both of her daughter’s were diagnosed with Celiac disease.

We delight in sharing with others struggling with similar issues our high quality and tasty gluten free foods.



  1. Love the ginger snap cookies! Please continue to supply to Community Farm Store in Duncan. Thanks. Yum!

    1. Thank you Janna! Please let us know if there are other favourites you would like to see. We now offer our all purpose flour mix, Graham Crackers and Graham Crumbs.


  2. Hello! My mother in law brought me a bag of your flour from her trip to Salt Spring and it was fantastic! My Husband and three children all have Celiac disease and I am in constant need of Gluten free flour for cooking and baking. Do you sell larger bags? I purchased some from the Market in Victoria which is right by my house, but that size bag goes pretty fast. I’ve been recommending you flour to my friends and family who are Gluten free as well.

    1. Thank You Reta!, we are glad you like it. Yes, we can sell larger bags of the Laughing Daughters Flour Mix. We usually come to the Victoria area every Thursday, so we can delivery it to you.
      Please call us at 778-353-0022 for details and pricing.

  3. Hi, I love shortbread this time of year however I see the chocolate you use in the chocolate shortbread has soy in it. Would it be too much for you to switch to a chocolate that doesn’t have soy? So many people have a soy allergy and it’s in everything! It’d be nice if it wasn’t in your yummy cookies. Thanks!

    1. Hi Tiffany,

      Thank you for taking the time to send a message. I will work to source chocolate that does not contain soy lecithin. I have used an organic chip, that I will confirm that it does not contain soy lecithin in which case I can return to that for the shortbread cookies. Unfortunately this chip did not do well for our glazes. I appreciate your request and will do my best to address the soy allergy. I have been searching that there is a gradual shift to other sources of lecithin such as sunflower oil.

      Thank you Tiffany!


      Judy Drzymala
      #120,334 Upper Ganges Rd
      Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1R7
      cell 1-778-533-0952

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